Purpose of the Metropolitan Opera Association

The Metropolitan Opera was initially conceived to ensure that everyone who wanted to appreciate the performing arts was allowed the opportunity to experience the arts. This was to provide an alternative to the Academy of Music opera that did not allow subscriptions or membership to the rich people of the city. Keeping in with the ideals of the founding fathers, the metropolitan opera has always chosen to ensure that great works of art are brought to the public via the performances that they put up.

The works that the metropolitan opera presents include those from the 18th century baroque, the 19th century Bel Canto and the 20th century Minimalism. They have been successful in bringing the various forms of art to the public with artists from across Europe and more. The Met includes a symphony size orchestra, a choir, supporting artists, solo artists, a children's choir and other guest artists as well. Many of the leading artists of today have made their careers starting as junior artists in the Metropolitan opera House.

The Metropolitan Opera Association has also taken various efforts in order to take the performing arts to the common man. They have taken the aid of the advancements in technology and increased their audiences as and when they could have. With the advent of radio, the performances of the Met were broadcast on radio. This is something that started way back in 1931.

As television became popular, the performances of the Met were brought to the television audiences in 1977 too. The Metropolitan opera did not stop at this and continued to increase their audiences by broadcasting performances using live satellite radio. With the advent of high definition video, this format has also been adapted by the Met. The Metropolitan Opera Association continues its efforts to bring performing arts to the public events today.


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