Metropolitan Opera Association

Located in New York City, the Metropolitan Opera was founded in 1880 and the first performance of the opera was on October 22, 1883. The company is operated by the non-profit organization called the Metropolitan Opera Association. Also called the Met, the performances take place at the metropolitan Opera House in the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts on Broadway. It was one of the founding members of the Lincoln Center and continues to be one of the twelve resident organizations.

The Metropolitan Opera is one of the largest classical music organizations in the country and it presents more than 27 operas each year. Most of the performances take place between the months of September and May. Each week there are seven performances of 4 different works and while most of the performances take place in the evening, there is also a matinee show on Saturdays.

The works presented by the opera range from the 18th century Baroque to the 19th century Bel canto to the 20th century Minimalism. The company consists of a symphony sized orchestra, children's choir, a chorus, a ballet company and many solo, supporting and leading artists. Along with resident performers like Renee Fleming and Placido Domingo, there are also guest artists that perform with the group from time to time.

The Metropolitan Opera has been able to expand its audience by the use of technology. Performances have been aired on radio since 1931 and they have also been telecast on television since 1977. Since 2006, there are also live satellite radio broadcasts and internet broadcasts that have started along with high definition video transmissions presented in cinemas across the world.

The Metropolitan Opera Association has performed in basically three centers - the Metropolitan Opera House in Broadway, The Metropolitan Opera House in Lincoln Center and the Metropolitan Opera House in Philadelphia. The current performances, however take place in the Lincoln Center since the one at Broadway was demolished and the one in Philadelphia currently functions as a church and community center.


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